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How Many Languages Can You Speak?

Hey, y’all. It’s been a while since my last post! I apologize for that.

Work has been crazy (but I got promoted!), and I’ve been really busy with preparing for my fiance’s K1 Visa interview.

In my spare time, I’ve continued studying Chinese, and I’ve also started studying Spanish.

And boy, they are two totally different languages.

To be honest, the thought of studying Spanish didn’t interest me much. But my brother was interested while we were still at university, and I checked out a Spanish textbook for him.

Well, when it came time to graduate, I was slapped with a nearly $90 fee because the library said he’d never returned it.

Despite our best arguments that he did, in fact, return the book, I was forced to pay the fee or risk not being able to graduate.

Skip ahead almost three years into the future, and I find the book inside my closest while doing a bit of cleaning.

Looks like they were right after all.

Anyway, I figured I might as well learn now since I paid so much for the book.

I’ve only been studying this week, and I’ve completed the first chapter of the book. I’m using for vocabulary.

If you’ve never heard of Memrise, it’s a great website/app for learning new words in a foreign language. My brother and I used it for Korean, and he managed to learn a few thousand words pretty solidly with it.

I gave up learning Korean in favor of Chinese, and I don’t think Memrise is so great for Chinese because of the characters, but it’s been wonderful with my Spanish so far.

Basically, how it works is this: you’ll choose a lesson you want to learn, and then Memrise will offer you new words and test you in a variety of ways when learning them. After you’ve gotten the word correct a number of times, Memrise will tell you that it’s now in your long-term memory.

It’s not really, though, a lot of the times. You have to review the words daily to really get the stick, but Memrise also offers great review features that allow you to continue earning points while reviewing words from previous lessons before learning more.

For all the work you do, you get points, and these points are stacked up on a leader board.

I’m doing a 225-word Spanish unit, and I’ve amassed nearly 30,000 points after learning 115 of them.

I’m learning quicker than I thought, but I know I’ll have to keep practicing to get better.

That being said, Chinese is still my main interest, but I feel as if I’ve hit a bit of a rut. I’m going to make a new study plan for it, and I hope y’all can keep me accountable. I want to start vlogging, really, but I’m not quite ready for that. Maybe when my fiance gets here from China.

I’m currently studying HSK 4 vocabulary and grammar, and there’s really no reason that I haven’t gotten through my textbooks on it because I’ve been at this level for about two years. I just sort of plateaued.

What do y’all do when hitting a language-learning rut? How many languages can you speak, and how many are you learning?

Let me know below, and maybe we can find the motivation we need to keep moving forward.

We’ll still be making our K-pop posts, and we’re going to move back to a more-daily schedule. Stay tuned for updates, and as always, thanks for reading!