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Can You Relate? 100 Things EVERY K-Pop Fan Understands

So, you’re a K-pop fan. That’s cool. We get it. We all are.

But some people haven’t realized that yet.

Even though it’s 2018, we still aren’t as multicultural as we could be. And while many of us–including our parents–have grown accustomed to the proliferation of anime and of Japanese culture, those of us who like Korea–specifically K-pop–still face an unusual amount of ignorance.

So that means we’ve heard some really crazy stuff.

And we’ve also dealt with feelings that non-pop fans just can’t understand.

If you’re a K-pop fan, chances are you know what we’re talking about.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 Signs That You’re a K-pop fan.

We want to know: can you relate?


When you’ve heard …

  1. Oh, that’s cool. How long have you learned Japanese/Chinese?
  2. Why do you listen to it if you don’t even know what they’re saying?
  3. *Listens to snippet of song* So tell me what they’re saying.
  4. What’s the difference between Korean/Japanese anyway?
  5. What’s your favorite anime?
  6. Oh, I’m a K-pop fan, too. You know–Gangnam Style.
  7. How can you tell them apart? They all look/sound the same.
  8. So do Koreans come from China?
  9. Aren’t you scared you’re going to get blown up if you go there? North Korea’s dangerous!
  10. It’s really hard to write Korean characters … isn’t it?
  11. Why do you like it if you’ve never even gone there?
  12. It’s just a fad. You’ll grow out of it.
  13. Why don’t you want to date an American guy?
  14. What’s so special about Asian guys?
  15. You must want an Asian boyfriend.
  16. So, do you like eat sushi and stuff?
  17. You know the only reason they look good is because they have plastic surgery, right?

When you’ve experienced the following hardships …

  1. Your bias never comes to the US/You can’t travel to the concert.
  2. Your bias does come to the US, but they’re on the opposite coast.
  3. Your bias isn’t big enough to tour internationally yet.
  4. You accidentally speak Korean to someone who doesn’t know about your K-pop obsession.
  5. You get judged for your K-pop ringtone.
  6. You can’t find a good song on American radio because you don’t need it anymore.
  7. You started learning a million K-pop dances but can’t finish until the end.
  8. The native Koreans in your Korean 1001 class make you feel too shy to speak.
  9. You can’t find anything good in American fashion anymore.
  10. You have to have Korean makeup now.
  11. You can only eat spicy food now.
  12. You run out of room for your K-pop posters.
  13. You have to wait until you’re 18 to move to Korea.
  14. You want a Korean boyfriend but none of them notice you.
  15. You try to speak Korean to Koreans and they respond in English.
  16. You’re the only one of your friends who uses KakaoTalk
  17. Everyone else mispronounces “KakaoTalk”
  18. Your phone auto corrects your bias’s name.
  19. Your parents don’t understand why the BTS video you showed them is so important.
  20. Someone says your bias can’t sing
  21. You can’t listen to solo artists anymore …
  22. Until your bias drops a solo album.
  23. Your bias doesn’t know you’re married yet.
  24. You can’t sign up for Korean class in time.
  25. The guilt you feel when you change biases
  26. That deep part of your heart that will always love your first bias
  27. People think you only like Korea because of K-pop
  28. You’re accused of being a “Koreaboo”
  29. You’re jealous of the Korean girls in the music video with him
  30. Your bias cries on stage and you feel the pain too
  31. You’re blasted on K-pop forums for just stating your opinion
  32. You know your bias isn’t attracted to people of your sex
  33. You live in a small town where there’s no Korean restaurant
  34. You can’t afford Viki Pass or Drama Fever premium, so you have to watch everything with ads
  35. You’re latest episode hasn’t been subbed yet
  36. Your friend spoils a drama you’ve been dying to see
  37. Your bias gets in a new relationship
  38. Someone defames your bias
  39. Your sibling/friend speaks better Korean than you
  40. Your friend gets a Korean boyfriend before you
  41. You can’t eat spicy food, so you don’t know how to survive in Korea
  42. You want to be a K-pop star, but you aren’t Korean
  43. You’re bias’s new album hasn’t been translated yet
  44. You’re part of a vicious fan war in the YouTube comments section
  45. You like Korean food but gain weight too easily
  46. You don’t like Korean food

Or when …

  1. You say “Aigoo” when you get angry.
  2. You can name all the members to every major idol group.
  3. You start to call your brother “Oppa”
  4. You’ve seen more K-dramas than your native country’s TV shows.
  5. You can rap in Korean better than you can rap in English
  6. You don’t love. You “saranghae”
  7. You call your teacher “Seongsaengnim”
  8. You speak Korean just to impress Korean guys
  9. Your phone password is your bias’s birthday
  10. You celebrate your bias’s birthday alone …
  11. Or get together and do it with friends
  12. You get really possessive of your bias
  13. You write the best K-pop fanfiction
  14. You know which idols are secretly gay–even if they don’t.
  15. You’ve seen so many K-dramas you can guess the ending
  16. You’ve got a big test tomorrow, but you spent all night watching dramas
  17. You care more about your bias’s love life than your own
  18. You write in Konglish now
  19. You’re instantly friends with other K-pop fans
  20. You’re jealous of anyone else who speaks Korean
  21. You understand all the words to your favorite songs
  22. You dream in Korean
  23. You say “selca” instead of “selfie”
  24. You know that every member of BTS is 1000x sexier than Justin Bieber
  25. You know more Korean than any of your friends
  26. You have great pronunciation because you sang so much BTS
  27. BTS gives you “energy”
  28. Your workout playlist consists of nothing but BTS and Exo
  29. Your favorite snack is a Choco Pie
  30. You can use chopsticks better than anyone
  31. You know your international age AND your Korean age
  32. The first Korean song you heard was either “Gee” or “Ring-Ding-Dong”
  33. You liked K-pop BEFORE Gangnam Style
  34. Your first Korean crush was Lee Minho
  35. The best part of your day is when someone reacts to your favorite K-pop song
  36. Your life’s mission is to convert all your friends into K-pop fans
  37. You name your animals after your bias

So there you have it folks. Here are 100 SIGNS that you’re a K-pop fan. Can you relate? Drop a comment below and tell us what we missed!